Sleepwalkers show off their musical prowess

Space Gators and Sleepwalkers started Chicago’s week off with a bang Monday night at Schubas. Touring to add hype to their forthcoming album, Ages, out July 19, Sleepwalkers made a stop in Chicago to play fans some new material as well as some old favorites. I find Sleepwalkers impressive for many reasons, the first being that 4 of the 5 band members each played two different instruments during the set, and the only reason the 5th didn’t take part in this musical chairs of instruments was because he was trapped behind a drum kit. Another reason why I think they’re so talented is because they have mad harmonizing skills. Not only did the guys beautifully harmonize their voices, but they also harmonized their guitars, which helped create their rich sound throughout the set. I was quickly swept away by their rockin jams and enjoyed watching the band enjoying themselves on the stage. Each band members seemed super chill and they had some fun banter with the crowd between songs. Can’t wait to see where this band goes!

Review and photos by Abby Walter

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