Cold War Kids w/ Middle Kids @ The Riviera Theater

Touring with Cold War Kids is Australia’s Middle Kids. Although the band was the opening act of the show, their fiercefully energetic set showed that they are not to be ignored. They are passionate about their music, especially their recently-released, self-titled EP, from which much of the setlist hailed. Coming into the show, I wasn’t very familiar with the band’s work, but I have been listening to them ever since the show. Middle Kids will be returning this summer for Lollapalooza 2017, and theirs is not a set you want to miss.

Cold War Kids later took the stage and opened their set with “All This Could Be Yours” from their latest album.  You could immediately tell the level of excitement of the fans by looking at their faces, as they began to jump, sing, and lose themselves in the music. The crowd was very diverse, but despite their age range, they all came together to enjoy a great set from Cold War Kids.

Photos and review by Brian Fuentes

For more photos, click below.

Middle Kids
Cold War Kids

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