The Wombats get fans on their feet



Prior to last Wednesday’s Wombats show, a massive thunderstorm blasted its way through Chicago.  In spite of the rain, fans made their way to Metro to see The Wombats.  The storm eventually cleared to a double rainbow, which set the stage well for The Wombats’s upbeat show.  The venue was hot and humid, but that didn’t keep the guys from jumping around on stage and getting the equally as sweaty fans involved.

IMG_7324The majority of the setlist came from their 2015 album, Glitterbug, and 2011’s This Modern Glitch, with only a few songs from their first album and EP which long-time fans enjoyed.  To make the concert more personal, the band confessed that if they had a spiritual homeland in the U.S., it would be Chicago.  The band tends to start their U.S. tours in Chicago, even back to the early days when they were playing The Empty Bottle.  Chicago was also the first U.S. show to sell out.  Way to go, gang!


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