Oh Pep! enchants fans



Female duo from Australia, Oh Pep! put on a fantastic set this past Monday at Schubas.  The band stuck close to their new album, Stadium Cake, which translated into a beautiful live performance.

Between songs, the two ladies talked to the crowd and described how their musical journey began when the self proclaimed “classical music nerds” met in high school.  Their sound was rich and full, and their crystal clear vocals ranged from soft and vulnerable to powerful with conviction.  Everyone in the band played their respective instruments masterfully.  I was particularly impressed by Pepita Emmerichs who was not only sporting a fresh buzz cut, but also rocked both a violin and a mandolin throughout the show.  At the end of the set, fans lined up at the merch table to snatch up the latest album or buy an egg cup, courtesy of Pepita’s own mom.  In a world where most music can be downloaded for free online, fans’ willingness to buy the CD in person is a true testament to their talent.

For more photos, click here.

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