Lewis Del Mar @ Thalia Hall

Lewis Del Mar is an experimental pop/rock duo from Rockaway Beach, NYC consisting of two best friends — singer/guitarist Danny Miller and drummer/producer Max Harwood. The two played an amazing set at Thalia Hall with the help of their friends/band mates. They band first started getting recognized when they released their single Loud(y). Shortly after, they released their EP which was followed by their self-titled album. They had a lot to bring on stage, and they executed it perfectly. I couldn’t believe my ears when the band started out their set with the fist song Such Small Scenes. The audience and I felt a rush of euphoria and exhilaration when the bass of the song hit followed up by the sound of blissful guitar playing. We later couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw Anna Wise join Lewis Del Mar on stage to cover Kanye’s song Runaway. At that point, everybody lost it and has a kick-ass time singing along. Don’t miss out–give these guys a listen. I promise you won’t regret it!

Review and photos by Brian Fuentes


Anna Wise @ Thalia Hall 5/6

A week ago, Thalia Hall brought on stage two amazing performances; opening act Anna Wise and headliner Lewis Del Mar.  As soon as Anna Wise entered the stage and started playing her music, the whole audience became mesmerized by her rhythmic, lucid electronic-pop sound. You might recognize Anna Wise by her collaborative work with Kendrick Lamar in various songs, but she has recently released two EP’s in the past few years titled “The Feminine: Act I” and “The Feminine: Act II”.  The message that channels through her music is a very powerful message about the female role in today’s society.  At times during the show, Anna would point towards the crowd and direct them to sway left and right with their arms up and forward, almost like they are being possessed (in a good way).  The sudden drops in the music kept the crowd surprised and eager for more and it definitely blew me away.

Photos and review by Brian Fuentes

An Evening with The Strumbellas


Last Tuesday, The Strumbellas took over Thalia Hall Chicago with opening guest, Foreign Air. As soon as The Strumbellas hit the stage, the crowd started cheering and singing along to the bands opening song, “Wars”.  A couple of songs into the set, the band left the stage for a bit, only to come back wearing some Cubs team gear!  The band showed their support for our Cubbies on their first game.  From that point on, then the atmosphere was magical.  The set list consisted of songs from their albums “Hope” and “We Still Move on Dance Floors”, but the set list was changed a bit, as the band announced they were going to dedicate a song to a little girl from the front row…how awesome is that? Not only that, but the band was very interactive with the crowd.  There was a point in the night were they played a game where Simon (lead singer) was asking a fan some questions.  There was lots of laughter in the hall!  The band took it even further by playing an acoustic set inside the top balconies of the venue, which had everyone in the crowd amazed. To sum it all up, singing along to The Strumbellas at one of their shows is always a great way to spend a night in Chicago.  For more photos, continue below.

Photos and review by Brian Fuentes

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Mick Jenkins & Smino @ Thalia Hall 10/20

Chicago rapper, Mick Jenkins, will be playing Thalia Hall this upcoming Thursday as part of Red Bull Sound Select Presents: A Quest for Love Tour with Mick Jenkins @ Smino.  Chicago is pretty to have these two exciting artist play our city, given that this show is one of the only twelve occurring in the US.
Mick Jenkins is known for his pensive lyrics, organic live instrumentation, and beautifully crafted rhymes.  Meanwhile, Smino, another Chicago-based rapper, has been getting attention for his work with his Zero Fatigue crew.  If you’re ready for the next big things from Chicago, get your tickets here!

Warpaint @ Thalia Hall 9/30

The ladies of Warpaint are coming to Thalia Hall this Friday, and we hope you are going!  The band released their 3rd studio album, Heads Up, this past Friday, so we will definitely be hearing some new material.

In a recent interview with NME, the band stated that this album is their most “mature” to date, but that doesn’t mean it is devoid of fun.  On the contrary, this album is more relaxed, spontaneous, and representative of the atmosphere created at their live shows.  If you’re used to the more brooding version of Warpaint, you won’t find much of it on the new album.  To buy Heads Up, click here.  To get tickets to Friday’s show, click here.

Rogue Wave’s return to Chicago


The Californians hadn’t played Chicago in three years, but they made their triumphant return this past Thursday at Thalia Hall.  Rogue Wave treated fans to songs from their newest album, Delusions of Grand Fur, as well as some older fan favorites!  The band was appreciative of fans, and the fans were clearly elated to see the return of one of their favorite bands.  Hopefully they won’t wait so long to come back next time!

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Rogue Wave @ Thalia Hall 5/26

Straight out of the Bay Area, Rogue Wave is coming to Thalia Hall this upcoming Thursday, and we think YOU should go!

After over three years of silence from the band, they released Delusions of Grand Fur in late April.  The band took a DIY approach to this album, recording and producing everything on their own in their home studio in Oakland.  Skipping the demo stage completely, the band has come up with an album with a large range of variation.

Get your tickets here to check out Rogue Wave’s newest material and see opener Hey Marseilles this Thursday!