A message from Dave Grohl

For those of you who haven’t heard the news yet.. For more info on the album and the band, click here.

A little something to take the edge off

Are you suffering from a crippling case of Post Concert Depression after last night’s Foo Fighters show?  Head on over to our YouTube channel to feed the need and check out some clips from the show!

Foo Fighters Pop Up Shop

With the Foo Fighters show at Wrigley Field approaching, the band has released images of some of the merch they will be selling. The items below will be sold at a Pop-Up Shop at 108 N State Street which will be open Wednesday-Friday (10am-8pm), Saturday (10am-4pm), and Sunday (11am-6pm).  The Pop-Up Shop also boasts exclusive…

Foo Fighters come to Wrigley

Yes, we do realize that someone could conceive and have a baby before this happens, but we wanted to let you know anyways!! Foo Fighters will be playing Wrigley Field Saturday, August 29 of 2015. Pre-sales start this Friday, Oct. 24 at 10 am CT, and the rest of the tickets go on sale to…

Foo Fighters surprise show at Cubby Bear!

Holy shit, everyone…can you believe this is real?  The almighty Foo Fighters have chosen Chicago to be the place where they celebrate the debut of their new HBO series Sonic Highways.  WE ARE THE LUCKIEST KIDS IN AMERICA!! Tickets here. Can’t make it to the show?  You’re still in luck–the concert will be streamed live on…

Foo Fighters “Sonic Highways” series and album update

 “This isn’t just the making of our most ambitious album…this is a love letter to the history of American music.” — Dave Grohl The new Foo Fighters documentary “Sonic Highways” is set to make its HBO debut on Friday, October 17th.  The show chronicles the band’s journey through the vibrant music history of America.  At each…

“Carrie” meets the Foo Fighters

Is your News Feed as flooded as mine with Ice Bucket Challenges?  Most of them are incredibly generic–state who challenged you, pour water, theatrical screaming, challenge others.  Well, leave it to the Foo Fighters to make theirs extra entertaining.  Check out the Foo’s Challenge video below!  All others just pale in comparison.