Chicago, meet GGOOLLDD, the indie rock/synth-pop band out of Milwaukee, WI. I recently had the opportunity to speak with singer Margaret Butler and got some insight into the band’s creation, their headlining tour of the US, and where they are headed as a band.

Uniform (Sacred Bones) @ Empty Bottle 11/12

Uniform, the NYC duo made up of Ben Greenberg and Michael Berdan, just announced their Sacred Bones debut, “Ghosthouse” with their full album coming in early 2017.  The lyrics of the upcoming album were inspired by Berdan’s lifelong battle with insomnia and depression.  If you want into the restless mind of Berdan, check out the…

Seratones @ Empty Bottle 10/7

Seratones, straight out of Shreveport, LA, are playing Empty Bottle this Friday. Seratones released a their widely praised album, Get Gone, earlier this year, and have been said to put on quite the live show.  Very opposite worlds collide when it comes to Seratones–bluesy southern garage rock and gospel.  The resulting sound is one so unique that it…

Jah Wobble & The Invaders of the Heart @ Empty Bottle 9/22

It’s been over a year since he’s toured the U.S., but Jah Wobble is back in full force touring his most recent release, Everything Is No Thing. Jah Wobble’s work is fiercely unique, coming together from dub, jazz, and world music.  The album’s co-producer, Youth, said the experience was “one of the most favorite sessions I’ve…

Peach Kelli Pop @ Empty Bottle 5/23

L.A. based band, Peach Kelli Pop, is coming to Empty Bottle this upcoming Monday! If you like hard rockin’ chicks, poppy punk, catchy harmonies, and starting your week off right, you should seriously consider coming out for the show–IT’S FREE!  Check the girls out here.