Anna Wise @ Thalia Hall 5/6

A week ago, Thalia Hall brought on stage two amazing performances; opening act Anna Wise and headliner Lewis Del Mar.  As soon as Anna Wise entered the stage and started playing her music, the whole audience became mesmerized by her rhythmic, lucid electronic-pop sound. You might recognize Anna Wise by her collaborative work with Kendrick Lamar in various songs, but she has recently released two EP’s in the past few years titled “The Feminine: Act I” and “The Feminine: Act II”.  The message that channels through her music is a very powerful message about the female role in today’s society.  At times during the show, Anna would point towards the crowd and direct them to sway left and right with their arms up and forward, almost like they are being possessed (in a good way).  The sudden drops in the music kept the crowd surprised and eager for more and it definitely blew me away.

Photos and review by Brian Fuentes

CollXtion II

Allie X returned to Chicago last week looking considerably more gangster than the last time she was in town. Donning mouthy overalls, a trucker hat, and aviators, Allie X strut her stuff across the stage as she played her way through hit from her first album, and fresh ones off of CollXtion II. While still maintaining her synthpop roots, the new album features songs that have a more hip hop feel to them. For more on Allie X, click here.


ERA 9, the 5-piece out of Montreal, is breaking down stylistic boundaries and creating a new sound which they call “TrapRock.” The band formed back in 2011, a time during which their repertoire was mostly rock-based. Being based in a city like Montreal that is very musically diverse and accepting of the recent hip-hop and EDM movements, the band started fusing it all together to make a completely new soundscape.

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The Wooden Sky @ Lincoln Hall 4/28

The Wooden Sky will be playing Lincoln Hall this Friday in support of their April 7th release, Swimming in Strange Waters. This record is the 5th full-length record of the Toronto-based indie folk-rock band. Weaving psychedelic tones with quieter acoustic tones, The Wooden Sky tackles the notion of trauma and its haunting effects on life. Check them out below, and get your tickets for Friday’s show here.

Allie X @ Lincoln Hall 4/27

The Canadian electro-pop act Allie X is playing Lincoln Hall this Thursday in support of her album CollXtion II which is being released June 9th.

Allie X has been taking the pop scene by storm, earning her high praise from music outlets like Pitchfork, Stereogum, The FADER, and more. I was lucky enough to see Allie X a few years ago at Double Door, and was blown away by her vocal range and well-established stage presence.

For tickets to Thursday’s show with K.I.D., click here.

GGOOLLDD Shines at The Empty Bottle

After having spent 3 weeks recording in a cabin, GGOOLLDD was happy to to be back on the road again. The band took the stage around 11:30pm on Wednesday night to an excited crowd. Within the first song, it was easy to see how comfortable the band is performing live for audiences. They have a very natural and charming stage presence that draws fans in and gets them singing and dancing from the get-go. There was even a decent number of guys who fist pumped unabashedly throughout the set. GGOOLLDD’s stage presence combined with their catchy, unique sound makes me think that they will go far in the music business. I’m excited to see where they pop up next!