Hidden Gems of the Week

WEDNESDAY – SUNDAY (12/4 – 12/8): Whitney @ Thalia Hall

With the release of their highly anticipated sophomore album, Forever Turned Around, the guys of Whitney are playing Thalia Hall 5 nights in a row to close out their tour. Yes, FIVE nights in a row! Formed from the ashes of another Chicago band, Smith Westerns, Whitey is making their homecoming quite a big event! The new album tackles heavy topics such as loss, substance abuse, and anxiety in a way that make listeners feel comforted and heard. For tickets to any of the shows, click here

THURSDAY (12/5): Vancouver Sleep Clinic @ Sleeping Village

Australian artist Tim Bettinson, the wizard of ambient music, has received a lot of attention since releasing in debut EP as Vancouver Sleep Clinic back in 2014. After a rough time dealing with a major record label, Bettinson is reclaiming his music for himself and recently recleased his second album Onwards to Zion this Fall. Bettinson is stoked to be touring the US this December so he can share his new material with the world. For tickets to Thursday’s show, click here.

FRIDAY (12/6): Mondo Cozmo @The Vic

Josh Ostrander has buried himself in various solo projects over the past decade, but with Mondo Cozmo, he seems to have found the perfect formula. With a voice reminiscent of Bob Dylan and compositions of upbeat, soulful music, Ostrander perfectly crafted his debut album, Plastic Soul, which overflowed with infectiously catchy songs. I saw Mondo Cozmo at LouFest a few years back and Ostrander’s vocals paired with the band’s epic sound drew wandering fest-goers to the stage like a moth to a light. Their harmonies were perfect, their sound was rich, and I was hooked immediately. For tickets to Friday’s show, click here

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