Cinders, the six-piece indie pop band out of Salt Lake City, has been making a splash for the past two years as they entered music scene . While a few of the band members had played together in previous projects, they all agree that their current lineup fits together like the two half-hearts of a BFF necklace.


Hailing from Vermont, the guys of Crypitus bring you an infusion of different metal genres with undertones and inspiration from jazz and punk. Although the group is relatively new to the scene, their experimentation has caused their music to evolve over the past year and a half. In the search to find the sound that…


Crejuvent’s founder, Freddy Spera, is quite the candid jokester. In our interview with Crejuvent, Spera said that he first picked up the bass during his teenage years because it was easier to stay at home and learn the instrument than to try to get laid. However, what started as a way to avoid the more…


Mister Moon, the “culternative” rockers out of North Central Ohio, will be playing The Elbo Room this Saturday along with Sean Wilson, American Narcissism / The Pirate Broadcast, and Red Ransom. Despite the fact that all four band members have visited Chicago, this will be their first time playing the Windy City as Mister Moon.

BAND SPOTLIGHT: Calling for Eden

What seemed like a far fetched dream in the early 2000s is now becoming a reality for Calling for Eden, the eight-piece band out of Texas. Drawing on the diverse talents of each member, the band starting becoming more serious about their music in 2013 and has come a long way since. Whether they had…


Chicago, meet GGOOLLDD, the indie rock/synth-pop band out of Milwaukee, WI. I recently had the opportunity to speak with singer Margaret Butler and got some insight into the band’s creation, their headlining tour of the US, and where they are headed as a band.


We would like to introduce everyone to Maxdmyz, a metal band from London and South East.  These guys love to party, chill out, and make music about things that piss them off.  They sound like my kind of people!  The current lineup has been together for about three years, but the band has continually evolved since…

Wild Wild Horses @ Subterranean 10/7

With a band name paying tribute to a song by one of their favorite bands, the indie rockers of Wild Wild Horses will be playing Subterranean this Friday evening!

Nick D’ and The Believers @ Subterranean 9/22

The fun loving indie-pop rockers will be swinging through town this Thursday in support of their brand new EP, Crown. The band has been together and evolving for over 3 years–adding new members, incorporating new instruments, and expanding their repertoire–but Nick D’ and the Believers was very close to never happening.