Mister Moon, the “culternative” rockers out of North Central Ohio, will be playing The Elbo Room this Saturday along with Sean Wilson, American Narcissism / The Pirate Broadcast, and Red Ransom. Despite the fact that all four band members have visited Chicago, this will be their first time playing the Windy City as Mister Moon.

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BAND SPOTLIGHT: Calling for Eden

What seemed like a far fetched dream in the early 2000s is now becoming a reality for Calling for Eden, the eight-piece band out of Texas. Drawing on the diverse talents of each member, the band starting becoming more serious about their music in 2013 and has come a long way since. Whether they had been inspired to pick up an instrument because of a family member, a local band, or the live show of a well-established one, each member can pinpoint the experience that made them want to be a part of the music business.

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Although their lineup has changed undergone some significant changes throughout the past 7 years, The Fill Ins have always been dedicated to being a hard rock band specializing in catchy guitar riffs and an unapologetic attitude. New members have brought new expertise, and the band continually pushes themselves to improve their craft.

In the late Spring/early Summer of this year, The Fill Ins released “Lock and Load,” the first single off their most recent release, The Time is Now. The band had originally planned to release “It’s A Blast,” going as far as planning the artwork for the release, but decided to switch it up last minute. With 2 years between The Time is Now and their previous album, the band wanted to send fans a clear message that they weren’t slowing down anytime soon!

The Time is Now is a testament their growth as a band. Armed with a common vision and a good amount of trust in their bandmates, the recording process was much less stressful. The band was able to successfully capture the attitude and power of their live shows on the album, and they’ve included some surprise tracks for fans as well. “Gold Digger” shows off their love for 70’s and 80’s rock, “Feelin Good” sounds like it came straight off of a dive bar’s jukebox, and “Hate” is a nod to the classic metal and thrash bands that inspired their harder edge. Fans who have been with The Fill Ins from the start will surely be impressed with their range on this album.

Fans can expect their live shows to remain true to their recorded material, although time and experience means older songs like “Let Go” and “Save the Rock” sound more polished and powerful that they did in their earlier days. For more on The Fill Ins, their new album, and tour dates, click here.


The state of Washington always delivers. Our newest Band Spotlight features Exoaura, a female-fronted metal duo comprised of Lindsey Church (vocals, piano, and arrangements) and Adam Ingram (instrumentation, programming, and engineering). While I usually associate snarling vocals and demonic lyrics with metal bands, Exoaura’s vocals are clear, thoughtful, and full of soul. The duo has been playing music together in various bands since 2004, but decided to break out on their own after seeing how like-minded they were. Exoaura just released their debut, self-titled album this past summer and are excited to share their music with fans and new listeners alike!

Church started studying music when she was just 4 years old, and knew it was something she wanted to be a part of it for the rest of her life. Ingram has enjoyed toying with different gear since forming Exoaura. From adding new orchestral instruments, sequencers, and pads to incorporating picking techniques inspired by progressive metal bands, Ingram is constantly looking for new ways to keep their music fresh and captivating.

While the band hasn’t set out on tour yet with Exoaura, they look forward to reconnecting with old fans, meeting new ones, and treating everyone to a live experience that can’t be captured on a recording! With exciting rearrangements planned into the set, the band wants to give fans something special ad unique at their shows. For more on Exoaura, click here.

Fun facts:

  • With a previous band, they once played with a “freak show” on Halloween. During their set, there were people doing “skin hangings,” which is when people hang from hooks piercing their skin—talk about freaky! There were also professional “freaks” hanging from the ceiling from hooks on their back. Swinging around in front of the band, it added an eerie, dark element to the show and made a memorable experience for the band and fans alike!
  • Ingram is a gamer in his free time, and Church is mildly obsessed with The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. It’s okay girl, we are too!



What’s not to like about 90’s grunge with punk undertones? Tarah Who?, the brain child of singer and multi-instrumentalist Tarah G. Carpenter, serves up some serious noise despite the fact that the young band only has three members. With Carpenter on vocals and guitar, Matthew Peltcher on bass, and Shaina Mikee Keiths on drums, the trio is known for their in-your-face, high energy live performances.

Each of the band members started their love affair with music at an early age. Peltcher, a bando in high school, reveled in the excitement of playing for the entire school and started playing bass at the age of 15. Carpenter was born and raised in Paris where she had always dreamed of playing drums. Her parents, who were not so keen on that idea, gifted her a classical guitar when she was 12. Carpenter started playing music with friends at 14 and ended up teaching herself how to play drums and bass. As for Keiths, she practically came out of the womb wielding a pair of drumsticks and has since expanded her repertoire to include 13 instruments and all types of percussion.

Tarah Who? has been enjoying meeting fans, seeing the country, and experiencing the shift in culture between locations while on tour. They’ve had their fair of memorable shows which have involved strippers, pieces of clothing being thrown on stage, and profanity being shouted over the PA system after being shocked by a mic. The only things missing from the excitement? Being able to take the time to really take it all in, personal space, and their fur babies.

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Hailing all the way from Italy comes our latest Band Spotlight, Amycanbe, whose music is fully of synth dreaminess. The band has been at it since the early 2000s, but with the addition of new members, their sound has evolved slightly over the years. The material they originally released was more acoustic and timid due to the lack of drums and bass. According to band members, their music’s soul came out during their second EP entitled “The World is Round” which was based on Gertrude Stein’s poem “Sacred Emily.” For this EP, they pushed themselves outside of their comfort zones and incorporated instruments and techniques they hadn’t employed in previous years. The product was definitely something they should be proud of!

When playing live, Amycanbe attempts to pretty faithfully recreate the sound of their recorded material. However, their sound engineer would tell you with much frustration that the band likes to switch up the instruments while performing. One of their most memorable shows took place at Santarcangelo dei Teatri, a well-known theatre near their hometown. In the exact moment of silence before an instrumental outro, a random fan jumped on stage and yelled something along the lines of “”YYAYYAUAUAAAYYAA!!!!” into the mic. Little did he know that his timing was perfect, and made the night more memorable for everyone involved.

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ERA 9, the 5-piece out of Montreal, is breaking down stylistic boundaries and creating a new sound which they call “TrapRock.” The band formed back in 2011, a time during which their repertoire was mostly rock-based. Being based in a city like Montreal that is very musically diverse and accepting of the recent hip-hop and EDM movements, the band started fusing it all together to make a completely new soundscape.

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