Hailing all the way from Italy comes our latest Band Spotlight, Amycanbe, whose music is fully of synth dreaminess. The band has been at it since the early 2000s, but with the addition of new members, their sound has evolved slightly over the years. The material they originally released was more acoustic and timid due to the lack of drums and bass. According to band members, their music’s soul came out during their second EP entitled “The World is Round” which was based on Gertrude Stein’s poem “Sacred Emily.” For this EP, they pushed themselves outside of their comfort zones and incorporated instruments and techniques they hadn’t employed in previous years. The product was definitely something they should be proud of!

When playing live, Amycanbe attempts to pretty faithfully recreate the sound of their recorded material. However, their sound engineer would tell you with much frustration that the band likes to switch up the instruments while performing. One of their most memorable shows took place at Santarcangelo dei Teatri, a well-known theatre near their hometown. In the exact moment of silence before an instrumental outro, a random fan jumped on stage and yelled something along the lines of “”YYAYYAUAUAAAYYAA!!!!” into the mic. Little did he know that his timing was perfect, and made the night more memorable for everyone involved.

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ERA 9, the 5-piece out of Montreal, is breaking down stylistic boundaries and creating a new sound which they call “TrapRock.” The band formed back in 2011, a time during which their repertoire was mostly rock-based. Being based in a city like Montreal that is very musically diverse and accepting of the recent hip-hop and EDM movements, the band started fusing it all together to make a completely new soundscape.

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BAND SPOTLIGHT: The Fifth Star Band

People either love or hate Uber Pool and Lyft Line. I personally love these options because you get to meet a handful of new people every time you go out. The vast majority of the people I share rides with are interesting and friendly, and one particular ride last month was no exception.

Heading out to The Joy Formidable show, I got in a Lyft Line with two members of The Fifth Star Band, a new Chicago band that fuses rock with jazz. The driver and I got to hear a sample of their music as we made our way through the city, and I was impressed by the uniqueness of their sound and the fresh feel that came with it.

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BAND SPOTLIGHT: Xander & The Keys


Xander & The Keys, the four-piece indie rock band out of Bournemouth, UK, has been garnering attention since they first started up about three years ago.  The band, who cites hometown boredom as one of the main reasons they started a band, spent countless hours poring over their record collections as youngsters.  All of this seems to have paid off because they have managed to harness the energy rivaled by some of the greats.  Their music is irresistibly catchy (that guitar, hell yeah!) and has me longing for summertime.

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