Feeling the Heat with Glass Animals


Top rock artist, Glass Animals stopped by Credit Union 1 Arena in Chicago during their Dreamland tour. The show began and the crowd went wild. The set opened with the first track, “Dreamland” and that moment felt like I was listening to the album for the first time again. The next song that played was “Life Itself” followed up by “Tangerine”. Listening to the boys perform older songs felt nostalgic – it reminded me of the first time I saw them live at Lollapalooza 2017. They played fan favorites throughout the night. Songs such as “Gooey”, “Youth”, “Pork Soda” – “Black Mambo”/“Hot Sugar” was a great mix to hear live. Weaving together a mix of electronic, psychedelic, and pop elements, the show ended with the songs “Tokyo Drifting” and “Heat Waves”.

We leaned back, rocked out, and danced all night to Glass Animals. The last time I saw Glass Animals was at Aragon Ballroom when they were touring for their album, How to Be a Human Being. I was very excited to be at this show because they always put on an outstanding performance. The new album gets very personal and takes the listener on a nostalgic journey of Dave’s (lead singer) childhood. There was a moment when the band experienced a difficult time in their lives. But it all thankfully turned out for the better – the album drew inspiration from that time because it gave them a moment to look back at memories they treasured during difficult times. Glass Animals continues to amaze us to this very day. Following the release of Dreamland, the band has received positive feedback with their single, “Heat Waves”, being nominated for multiple awards. They have won awards such as Group of the Year, and more recently won the Billboard Music Award for Top Rock Artist in 2022. It was a pleasure being able to attend their performance. Be sure to catch Glass Animals playing this year at Lollapalooza – its a show you don’t want to miss!

Review and photos by Brian Fuentes

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