Half Alive in Chicago


Coming all the way from Long Beach, CA, Half Alive stopped by Chicago on their Give Me Your Shoulders tour. They spoke to the crowd that night, talking about past shows they’ve played venues such as Schubas and The Aragon Ballroom before, to playing tonight at the infamous House of Blues. Half Alive’s success can be recognized and respected.

Their performance began with a curtain being held up in front of the stage. Lead singer Josh Taylor stood behind the curtain and his shadow was reflected upon the curtain with the help of some crafty lighting. They opened up with “Tip Toes” and as soon as the last chorus of the song plays, the curtain drops and the crowd sings and cheers in awe. You can hear “Listen To Me, Listen To Me” being  repeated with such passion. The band’s energy could be felt throughout the room after they closed out their first song.

After playing “Tip Toes”, the band plays “The Fall” which had everybody in the crowd singing and dancing along to the  beat. Its infectious rhythm and lyrics even had me dancing and singing along even though it  was my first time hearing that song! The third song played was “RUNAWAY”, which kept the flow of the night going. Listening to these songs live, one really gets to appreciate the hard work that is put behind playing live music. The crowd that night was youthful and filled with energy. “Hot Tea” was one of my favorite songs. Hearing the bass booming through the speakers had the whole room under its spell.

I’m glad I was able to attend tonight’s show and I hope they stop by Chicago again in the near future. Everyone needs to see them live! Listen to Half Alive’s newest album Give Me Your Shoulders, Pt. 1 on any music streaming platform. 

Review and photos by Brian Fuentes

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