Give me a “D”! Give me an “arkness”!

My last concert was March of 2020. Having been away from live music for so long, I knew my first show back had to be something extraordinary. Not an arena show–those are too impersonal and don’t always have the best sound. Not something too mellow either. When I saw that The Darkness was coming to town, I knew that this show was the one. They are more than just an Englishman with a very high voice doing rock and roll, they are a heavy rocking band that makes the audience feel like they’re part of the crew, and tonight was no exception!

It was a great night of rock and roll at Park West. The Dead Deads turned heads, gained new fans, and primed the audience for a night of wild riffs and dancing. If you got to Park West late and missed them, they are 100% worth checking out!

The Darkness took the stage to “Welcome Tae Glasgae” of their latest album, Motorheart. Bagpipes echoed through the venue as the band took the stage and the crowd roared with excitement! This powerhouse of a song set the tone for the night as singer Justin Hawkins encouraged fans to jump, dance, sing along and enjoy the experience with them. From the same album, we feasted our ears on “It’s Love, Jim” and “Motorheart” live for the first time.

Just about half of the set came from their iconic debut album Permission to Land. While “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” is an obvious fan favorite for good reason, the crowd also helped the band sing “Friday Night” into existence and everyone collectively lost their minds over “Get Your Hands Off My Woman”! I was personally stoked to hear “Barbarian” live again as well as a lovely version of “Heart Explodes” featuring one of their pals on acoustic guitar whose birthday we all helped celebrate.

The band delivered on everyone’s high hopes for the night. The set was perfectly crafted, the energy was high throughout, and I am never short of amazed at how the band effortlessly connects with the crowd, making them feel that they are an integral part of the show. Everyone felt the love that night, except perhaps for the photographers who were slammed while trying to navigate multiple, conflicting photo policies, but what can you do? The set was incredible and it truly was the perfect show to usher me back into that concert life that we all love so much!

Review and photos by Abby Walter

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