DIIV show at Logan Square Auditorium

With Storefront Church’s emotional one man guitar performance and Chastity’s political energy on stage, it led to a great performance by DIIV. Performing in such a historic venue like Logan Square Auditorium, it set an intimate mood that was perfect for the musical energy and the crowd size. The lighting was effective in creating various moods and the vibrant colors created a visual experience that matched the auditory one. DIIV had their third full-length album released on October 4th titled Deceiver and played some of the tracks that night. There was a changing flow of calmness that made you want to admire the performance in front of you and other times, I was forced to bang my head with camera in hand when it was time to rock on. One of my favorite photos I captured (although it was completely out of focus… damn you bad lighting on the crowd!!!) was an audience member right up against the stage, smiling and in complete nirvana, banging his head completely on his own with not a care in the world. That is what music is about.

Review and photos by Kevin Joe

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