Hurricane Starcrawler

Previously seen opening for punk rock band The Distillers, Starcrawler recently came through town headlining their own tour. As fans of all ages excitedly awaited the band, there was a lot of buzz going around about their set last May. “Such incredible, raw energy!” and “Did you see her choke herself with the mic?!” were just a few of the things I heard while waiting for these young juggernauts to take the stage.

Starcrawler gained many new fans at their performance last May, but this show was nice in that everyone at the show was there for them and had some knowledge of their music and stage presence going into the show. The band played with a wildly contagious and nonstop energy, and the great chemistry between singer Arrow de Wilde and guitarist Henri Cash kept everyone engaged…at least mentally. Cash at one point said to the crowd “this isn’t a standing contest,” which eventually got the stationary crowd to weakly attempt to match the amount of energy that was pouring off the stage. Much like a powerful Category 5 hurricane, this band is unmatched and a force to be reckoned with.

Starcrawler not only puts on a great show, but they have the musical prowess to back it up. To be honest, they restore my faith that rock and roll is not dead to younger generations and that perhaps the best is yet to come!

Photos and review by Abby Walter

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