Boy & Bear got their groove back!

Monday night saw the return of Australian band Boy & Bear after a temporary hiatus. With his health under control, singer Dave Hosking and the guys are out touring in support of Suck on Light, the album that is being released this Friday!

The set Monday night featured a healthy mix of songs from their previously released albums while giving us a sampling of songs from the new album. The band’s spirits were high, which helped make this set even better than their last Chicago run. The instrumentation was was on point, Hosking’s voice sounded effortlessly clear and powerful, and the perfectly haromnized voices resonated throughout the venue. The men in the band are all incredibly talented and masters of their craft. At one point in the set, the drummer and bassist switched roles for a song, further highlighting their musical prowess.

It makes me so happy that the band is back at it and stronger than ever! They are absolutely brilliant at creating beautiful soundscapes, and their live set was so richly toned that it has me yearning for a live album. Cheers to good health, uplifting sets, and the new album!

Review and photos by Abby Walter

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