JD and The Straight Shot at City Winery

Opening for Matt Costa on the SiriusXM Coffee House tour was Matt Hartke and JD & The Straight Shot.  The show was at the famous City Winery, an intimate venue in the West Loop neighborhood.  I was able to catch the last few songs of Matt Hartke.  He gave off the acoustic singer/songwriter vibe and did not disappoint!  He has a soft but powerful voice tuned to some catchy hooks.  One could compare him to Matt Kearny or Matt Nathanson.  I thought he was a perfect fit for a coffee house style tour.

Next was JD & The Straight Shot.  Fronted by James L. Dolan and joined by a collective group of musicians, they put on a great set.  Coming off the release of their new album The Great Divide, JD told stories, played originals and some crowd pleasing oldies.  There were standout guitar and violin solos throughout the set.  One of the standout original songs for me was “I Should Have known” a song about JD’s friend Harvey Weinstein.  I thought it was a song with honest lyrics, but also a pleasing tune.  At one point the band broke into the end of “Baba O’Riley” by The Who with the violin playing the harmonica part.  That part really got the crowd going. To end the set, the band played the instrumental song “Jessica” by The Almond Brothers.  Appealing to all ages, I would say it was the crowd favorite.  Overall, it was great set for fans of old time rock and roll mixed with country blues storytelling.

I was only able to catch the first few songs of Matt Costa, but what I heard was very pleasing.  Another great fit for the coffeehouse vibe with a little foot stomping along the way.  Definitely for fans of soft and poppy but coffeehouse singer/songwriter style tunes.

Review and photos by Mike Jahn


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