Starcrawler turns it up to 100

Holy hell, where do I even start? I have never seen a band that so expertly keeps the attention of the crowd while still managing to rock hard from start to finish. Many bands attempt this, but I often feel that either the performance or the music suffers at the expense of the other. Starcrawler effortlessly does both without reservation. Singer Arrow de Wilde rolled her eyes into the back of her head as she sang, fake vomited water on the crowd, choked herself with her mic cord, and writhed around on the floor. Guitarist Henri Cash drew and equal amount of attention with his wild jacket and ridiculously skillful guitar playing. Their sound is raw, their riffs are heavy, the songs are well-composed, and you can’t help but feel like rock is headed in a good direction when you see these young punks do what they do best!

Review and photos by Abby Walter

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