A little bitta that Bayonne magic!

Bayonne (Roger Sellers) helped Chicagoans usher in a weekend of bizarre weather last Friday at Schubas Tavern. I had seen Bayonne a few years ago at a Pitchfork aftershow, and was keen on seeing what he was up to these days. As I expected, he did not disappoint!

Bayonne’s eccentric mind came to life in front of everyone Friday night in the form of an incredibly captivating set! I would honestly love to live inside his head for a day to see if it works like everyone else’s.  I have a sneaky feeling that he sees in sounds and hears in colors, and that he experiences life a lot different from the rest of us.  The setlist was fluid, with one song running into another.  His songs are unique, his dance moves are quirky, and he has the voice of an angel.

To those of you who weren’t able to score tickets this time around, let’s just hope he plays a bigger venue next time he swoops through town!

Review and photos by Abby Walter

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