Bay is bae

Whether it’s due to his passionately delivered lyrics, his good looks, his masterful guitar playing, or the t-shirt being sold in the lobby, James Bay is bae.

It’s been almost a week since James Bay played to an eager crowd at the Riviera Theatre as part of his Electric Light Tour, and the show is still running through my mind. I go to a lot of shows in the span of a year, but James Bay stands out because you can tell that he truly loves doing what he’s doing–writing beautiful lyrics that connect him with his fans and bringing everyone together through the magic of music.

Bay incorporated a healthy mix of songs from 2015’s Chaos and the Calm, 2018’s Electric Light, and a few bonus songs. Bay made his way through the setlist with pure joy on his face and shared a little between songs with fans. Songs that stood out during the set were “Move Together,” which pleased fans who were excited to see it back on his setlist, and a cover of “Come Together” originally by The Beatles. “Best Fake Smile” and “Get Out While You Can” two high-energy songs, got fans all riled up as Bay and his band tore it up on their guitars. Bay also performed his recently released single “Peer Pressure” and his hauntingly beautiful new song “Bad” which has yet to be officially released. To say the latter resonated with fans is a severe understatement! Honest and raw, he kept the crowd hanging on his every word.

Bay put on an incredible and his talent is undeniable. To those of you still struggling with Post Concert Depression, we feel ya.

Review and photos by Abby Walter

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