Kickin’ it w/ Bryce Vine at Lincoln Hall

Rapper/singer Bryce Vine played a sold out show at Lincoln Hall in Chicago last month, and we can’t get it out of our heads!  Coming all the way from Los Angeles, Bryce Vine’s music brings fans together with its blend of west coast and east coast vibes, which makes his music stand out.  Vine’s style of music is incredibly constructed because of its hip-hop, catchy indie pop, sound and irresistible chorus flow throughout his songs. Let me put it like this…listening to Bryce Vine’s music made me imagine a warm summer day, enjoying the great weather while driving with the windows down with no care in the world.

The intro to the show was entertaining because they opened up with the Darth Vader theme song from Star Wars but then transitioned into the first song of the night.  All throughout the night the crowd was having a blast. He performed “Sunflower Seeds,” which had the crowd enjoying its catchy lyrics; I didn’t know the song at the time but its infectious chorus had me singing along and it instantly became one of my favorites. He continued to play songs off from his EP’s such as “The Fall,” “Sour Patch Kids,” and “Drew Barrymore,” just to name a few. “Sour Patch Kids” was a fun, upbeat song that made me reminiscence and appreciate the good old days back in 90’s. I love the connection a song can make with its audience.

Bryce Vine just released a new single on March 1st titled “La La Land”(feat. YG) on all music streaming services, which will then be followed up with an official album this upcoming Spring. I’m personally looking forward to new music from Bryce Vine ,so please go and check out his music — I promise you wont regret it!

Review and photos by Brian Fuentes


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