KONGOS delight a packed Lincoln Hall

The brothers of KONGOS are back in the game! While we know they’ve certainly been busy producing their tour documentary and their weekly podcast, it was nice to see them playing live music again.

A packed venue, especially while the opener is still playing, is a sign of a very excited fanbase. While I think they should have been playing a larger venue, it was nice to see so many hardcore KONGOS fans packed into one place. The signature KONGOS sound played out well in the live setting. The mixture of accordion, drums, a rough guitar often played with a slide, and bass that rips through your body came together to create their severely uniqe sound! Each of the brothers, in addition to being talented musicians, took turns singing througout the set.

Between songs, the brothers spoke of their new album, 1929 Pt. 1, and revealed that there are 2 more parts they plan to release in the near future. After getting out of their previous record deal, the brothers finally feel free to do what they’ve been wanting to do for years. Some of the songs on the new album were actually written back in 2005, so while they are new to us fans, there’s nothing new about them to the band.

All in all, the set was fantastic! Some songs had a tribal feel, some were seriously groovy, and a few even felt ominous. The new material got fans dancing and singing along just as much as their tried and true tunes. Welcome back, KONGOS!

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