Albert Hammond Jr. jump starts Chicago’s heart

Chicagoans are pretty resilient during the winter months, but Winter Storm Bruce and freezing temperatures caught us a little off guard during the last week of November. Feeling a bit numb, Chicagoans still made their way to Aragon Ballroom for Night 1 of 101 WKQX’s The Nights We Stole Christmas featuring Albert Hammond Jr., Grandson, and the Smashing Pumpkins.

Those who were there early enough got jolt to their heart during Albert Hammond Jr.’s set. As the son of singer-songwriter Albert Hammond and the rhythm/lead guitarist for The Strokes, Albert Hammond Jr. has been surounded by and involved in music for the entirety of his life. This shone through during his set which featured expertly composed songs that got the crowd’s attention immediately and sustained it throughout the duration of his set. High energy, wailing vocals, and dynamic guitar riffs and solos warmed the crowd up and got them moving, whether they realized it or not. For me, Hammond’s set was the highlight of the night because it never failed to hold my attention.

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