We’ve traveled through space and time, my friends, to rock this house again, ROCK!!!

I’ve been to many sold out shows at the Riviera Theatre, but I have never seen  it quite as packed as Tenacious D’s second Chicago show. Packed shoulder to shoulder, you could feel the excitement in the air before the band came on. Some of the guys against the barrier had come from out of state and started queuing up at noon for the show. The D hasn’t toured in a while, so for many people, this was their first live experience with the duo.

Having just released their new album and animated series, Post-Apocalypto, the band divided their set into two halves. The first half was dedicated to the new material, and during this portion, the band showed  snippets of the animated series between songs. For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, imagine Tenacious D’s ridiculous sense of humor accompanied by child-like drawings all done by Jack Black. The whole theatre was roaring with laughter! The second half of the set featured favorites from their previous albums which allowed the crowd to sing along with the band. Gass and Black were both relaxed on stage and rocking full beards. The music was crisp and the duo kept the night light and carefree as they created a night with the perfect mix of humor and solid jams!

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