Tall Heights sets the tone for the weekend

After a long week, how better to start the weekend than with a heartfelt concert? The guys of Tall Heights gave Chicagoans just that Friday night at Lincoln Hall.

The members of Tall Heights are humble, kind, and low-key funny–they seem like the neighborhood guys everyone knew and liked. The only difference is that this bunch is exceptionally talented. I was interested to see how their “electrofolk” sound panned out in a live setting, and was completely blown away. Their harmonies were perfectly executed and the mix of cello, guitars, electric beats, and keyboard made for a distinctly rich sound that I haven’t heard from many other bands. At one point, the band had the crowd contribute to the ambiance by putting two phones together to make a combination of a chrip and a whistle that echoed througout the venue. The band’s set was a good mix of old tunes and new, and had fans singing along throughout the night. This band is doing something truly unique with their music and I hope the best for them!

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