Soccer Mommy plays sold out show

Soccer Mommy stopped by Chicago earlier this month and played a sold out show at Lincoln Hall.  All in attendance that night had a great time as they sang along to some favorite songs from the band’s debut album Clean.  Lead singer and songwriter Sophie Allison has been passionate about music ever since she was a young child. Soccer Mommy is the result of Sophie messing around and uploading music just for fun, but soon it became apparent that it was something much more. Soccer Mommy’s sound of distorted guitars and indie pop synths were fun in a live setting, and the balance between acoustic and electric guitars is executed perfectly. Sophie’s voice became the main focal point of my attention because of how touching it sounded. During the more intimate songs, one can appreciate the softness but great emotion that her voice projects. I really enjoyed Soccer Mommy’s show and everyone should go check them out!

Review and photos by Brian Fuentes


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