Based out of LA, “Charly” started out as a solo act but soon expanded to a three-piece band that performs under the name “Charly&Faust.” Inspired by a wide array of artists from The Who to P!nk, this French artist was captivated by the way the artists connected with the audience and the different techniques they used to help create a fresh and exciting sound. While she has always opted  to sing in English, Charly has been working hard to write meaningful lyrics, weave them seamlessly into the music, and create a clearer, more unified sound. In her own words, “Music is like a language. The more you practice it, the more you end up clearly expressing what you want to say.”

Touring can be stressful when you are simultaneously  playing the role of musician, booking agent, manager, and PR. Missing the comfort of her own bed and home while on tour, Charly focuses on what is important–her music, meeting the fans, and seeing the world. While playing bass on stage for “The Sutra” one fan brought over a whole tray of tequila shots for the band and danced and sang the night away!

With the band’s desire to create a unique experience for the audience, they are currently focusing on rearranging every song from their EP to make the songs evolve and take on new life. While still recognizable when compared to the EP, the live show will flow well and allow for more improvisation.

For more on “Charly,” click here.

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