Toni Romiti at Subterranean

My first time going to Subterranean in Chicago was a great experience because of Sunday night’s performance, with Toni Romiti and opening performances by Queen Key and Flex.

Chicago native Toni Romiti brings her youthful energy to the stage. The young artist loves to entertain, which explains her success on social media. By posting clips of her songs and covers, Toni has creatively been able to share her talent and passion for music with her followers. She shares that same passion with us as she lets loose and performs her music live.

Subterranean was a perfect place for the show. The crowd’s atmosphere felt youthful and energetic, ready to let loose and enjoy a night filled with great music. The energy in the venue could be felt throughout the room.  Toni Romiti’s amazing vocals fit well with her R&B fueled music and energetic tomboy attitude as she performed tracks from her latest EP, TOMBOY. The audience had a great time singing along to her catchy lyrics and enjoyed the sound of the clean beats. To check out Toni Romiti, you can stream and listen to her latest music on SoundCloud or on your favorite music streaming service!

Photos and review by Brian Fuentes

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