ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Phillip-Michael Scales

Phillip-Michael Scales is no stranger to the music scene. The gifted songwriter originally played as the indie-rock band Briar Rabbit playing songs that were a mix of folk and blues, but it proved to be a a tough atmosphere to drop your roots. After the death of his uncle, Scales moved to Chicago, took some time off, and decided to take a different approach to his music. For Scales, music isn’t only in his heart, it’s in his blood. The aforementioned uncle was blues legend B.B. King, and his passing was one of the main catalysts that drove him to recreate his sound, creating what he calls “dive bar soul.”

Scales is set to showcase his newly evolved sound with the release his new EP Sinner -Songwriter on June 8th. Sinner-Songwriter is about reconciling bad behavior with good intentions, and he sings passionately on the tracks about the ups and downs that life throws at us.

Phillip-Michael Scales will be having an EP release party at Emporium (Wicker Park) on June 21st. The show is 21+ and tickets are $5.00 if you get it in advance.



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