Chicago’s new Airbnb is a music lover’s dream!

I recently had some friends in town, and unable to accommodate everyone in my small apartment, I decided to rent an Airbnb for a couple of nights so everyone could still stay together under one roof. Since I clearly consider my neighborhood to be the best, I found one nearby unlike any other I’ve seen!

With a Rock N Roll theme, this apartment is the dream Airbnb of any music lover. The stairs up to the apartment are painted like piano keys, the table bases are drums, speakers, or road cases, and there is a fully functioning antique record player! Didn’t think to pack your favorite albums? They have you covered! The albums decorating the room can actually be taken off the wall and played for you and your friends. The two bedrooms are decorated with instruments (guitars and a piano you can actually play), there are concert posters around the apartment, and there is a room with black lights where you can write fun messages on the walls with fluorescent markers. I honestly can’t get over how perfectly this apartment was done. Everything oozes rock and roll!

Apart from my nerd attack over the decor, everything in the apartment is updated and sleek. Also, no need to worry about losing keys to the place since everything is locked and unlocked by a keypad. The people who own the apartment were also great–they were quick to respond to the messages I sent them and their enthusiasm for the city and their neighborhood was infectious.

If you have friends coming to town, especially if it’s for something music-related, I would highly recommend this place! Check it out here.

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