Chevelle at the House of Blues

On the 18th, the alt-metal band Chevelle played at the House of Blues in Chicago, and words can’t describe just how cool this show was (but I’ll try my best)!

First off, closing their tour back at home in the Windy City and adding a second night was a no brainer. Despite the fact that the 2nd show was on a Monday night, it didn’t stop fans from attending and having a kick ass time.

To start the night off, opening bands The Band Royale and Aeges rocked out on stage and had the whole audience hyped up and excited by their performance. After Aeges’ set, the stage was getting prepped and ready for Chevelle. At that moment, I could only describe what felt like some sort of “hunger” feeling that was flowing throughout the crowd–hungry for some more amazing live music. Suddenly, the stage lights dim, the background music cuts off, the crowd is cheering and screaming with excitement, the room becomes dark, and the stage is lit up with red lights as the trio walk up on stage. Chevelle starts off loud and heavy by opening with “Another Know It All”, which is accompanied by a powerful and beautifully illuminated lights show. The sound of bursting guitar riffs flows through the room, which creates an energetic ambiance that continues throughout the night. My fellow fans and I continue to head bang and sing along to favorites such as “The Clincher”, “Take Out the Gunman”, and “Vitamin R.” The raw emotion and passion the band puts into their live performances is clearly appreciated by everyone in attendance. Later on when “Hats Off To The Bull” is being performed, you can feel the exhilaration and emotion that comes through in its masterful chorus and explosive guitar riffs. The show closes up with some
nostalgic favorites like “The Red”, “Family System”, and ends with the classic, “Send The Pain
Below,” which leaves the room with in awe as night comes to an end.

The Loeffler brothers and bassist Bernardini thank us and say their farewells as we continue to cheer and enjoy the moment. I seriously can’t wait to see what these guys have in store for us next year!

Review and photos by Brian Fuentes

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