Hailing from Vermont, the guys of Crypitus bring you an infusion of different metal genres with undertones and inspiration from jazz and punk. Although the group is relatively new to the scene, their experimentation has caused their music to evolve over the past year and a half. In the search to find the sound that will define them, their compositions have become faster and more complex.

Crypitus has toured throughout the Northeast, making friends, seeing other local bands, and visiting new cities along the way. Their most memorable shows involve sold out crowds that feature moshpits and headbanging, but they also revel in the intimate house party shows where they can get up close and personal with fans.
During their free time, Crypitus can be found hanging out with friends, usually around a bonfire with some beer, adventuring in Vermont’s great outdoors, or relaxing. For more on Crypitus, click here.

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