Crejuvent’s founder, Freddy Spera, is quite the candid jokester. In our interview with Crejuvent, Spera said that he first picked up the bass during his teenage years because it was easier to stay at home and learn the instrument than to try to get laid. However, what started as a way to avoid the more awkward aspects of puberty has turned into a metal project of epic proportions.

Spera has now been writing his own music for over 8 years. While the first songs he wrote will always occupy a special place in his heart, if not for only being the songs that popped his metaphorical cherry, his new material is more focused, cohesive, and explores the things he loves most about music. Even though his compositions are maturing with time, he assures us that he has included plenty of fart jokes for the masses.

Spera revels in the carefree lifestyle that comes with touring. Away from home, he can focus on the music and avoid all the nonsense that comes with a more settled lifestyle. However, the nomadic way of life doesn’t come without its challenges. Even the most carefree of people can easily become frustrated when tour friends turn into the source of your annoyance, or when lifestyles clash and others’ neediness becomes overbearing. Even with its ups and downs, Spera finds freedom in playing live sets. While many would be intimidated by playing solo gigs, Spera likes that he is able to switch lyrics, improvise lines, or go off on a tangent mid-song without fearing the repercussions of less-flexible bandmates.

Crejuvent looks to the future with optimism. Although it can be hard to book gigs when you are a solo artist playing bass to backing track, Spera continues perfecting his craft and recording new material in his free time. For more on Crejuvent, click here.



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