Mister Moon, the “culternative” rockers out of North Central Ohio, will be playing The Elbo Room this Saturday along with Sean Wilson, American Narcissism / The Pirate Broadcast, and Red Ransom. Despite the fact that all four band members have visited Chicago, this will be their first time playing the Windy City as Mister Moon.

The 4-piece is made up of Seth Bain on bass and vocals, Tommy Christian on guitar and vocals, and both Cory Webb and Cory Boomer on drums. You read that right. Two drummers, both named Cory. Having 2 drummers in the band wasn’t part of the original plan when they came together about a year and a half ago. Boomer had recorded material with Mister Moon originally, and when Webb heard some of their recordings, he decided he wanted to join the band and contribute whatever way possible. Both Corys had worked together previously on a different project combining drums and other percussion instruments, so having 2 drummers was not an outlandish idea for them. To avoid an overwhelming cacophony of drums, the two work together to balance their sound in innovative ways. Their syncopated drumming creates a layered effect that allows them to connect with their bandmates during live sets.

The guys of Mister Moon describe their music as alternative, with hints of pop, punk, and hip hop beats. They want their live shows to not only be remembered for the great music, but also for the uniquely innovative experience and atmosphere they create for their fans. Their show in Chicago will be in support of their first EP, Point One, which was released this past summer. According to Boomer, the recording process for the EP was relatively easy due to the fact that they had been playing these songs live for a while and had worked through all their issues prior to entering the studio. With a their last show of the tour on November 4, the band is looking forward to writing and recording new material for their next release and freshening up their setlists. Now that they are already an established touring band, the writing process is more focused and intentional.

Until then, check out Mister Moon below and get your tickets for Saturday’s show here.


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