JR JR’s Electric Energy at the HOB Chicago

Last Thursday night at the House of Blues, JR JR took over the stage and I was so ecstatic to see them play.  As soon as I got inside and started making my way towards the crowd I couldn’t help but notice the amazing light set up and clean sound that was coming off the stage. I was immediately drawn into JR JR’s electronic/indie set due to their upbeat vibe which was fun and surprisingly creepy cool towards the end.  They played songs off their self-titled album and introduced fans to some newer songs they have been working on.  Halfway through their set they took the time to send their condolences out to the victims of the Las Vegas shooting and shared a few uplifting words with us.  Don’t sleep on these guys; I was very impressed by their set and I’m looking forward to listening to some new music!

Photos and review by Brian Fuentes

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