BAND SPOTLIGHT: Calling for Eden

What seemed like a far fetched dream in the early 2000s is now becoming a reality for Calling for Eden, the eight-piece band out of Texas. Drawing on the diverse talents of each member, the band starting becoming more serious about their music in 2013 and has come a long way since. Whether they had been inspired to pick up an instrument because of a family member, a local band, or the live show of a well-established one, each member can pinpoint the experience that made them want to be a part of the music business.

As most bands do, Calling for Eden pushes themselves to improve their skills, think outside the box, and deliver what fans want. Those who have been with the band from the start are quick to comment on the evolution of their sound when the band passes through their town. Being on the road has been quite the experience for the band. Although they miss their families back at home, they have been able to experience America in a very hands-on way. Some of their most memorable shows include playing a Dallas Stars pre-game show and having a euphoric first-time show at Trees, one of Dallas’s most beloved venues. They’ve also witnessed their fans getting into their music in a multitude of ways. Be it conga lines, drunk dancing, or being mobbed on stage by the Dallas Stars mascot, Victor E Green, who desperately wanted to dance and play some tambourine, Call of Eden has experienced it all.

At their live shows, fans can expect to hear some original songs as well as covers done “the CFE way,” which is when the band adds their own special twist to the cover. On their cover of Bush’s “Machinehead,” the Call for Eden substitutes horns in place of the crunchy guitar riff, which makes for a powerful and unique experience for listeners.

Breaking onto the scene isn’t easy for a band that’s starting out, especially when the band has eight unique styles, schedules, and opinions to consider. All of their recording sessions, bookings, promotion, and management is done by the band members themselves, which leaves little time for much else. Balancing the band, their personal lives, and their day jobs is challenging, but the band loves what they’re doing and don’t plan on letting up any time soon.

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