LouFest 2017: The Festival

For those who were at LouFest last year, they’ve changed their location within Forest Park from Central Fields to the Upper Muny Grounds with entrance gates located at Wells Dr. / Macklind and Pagoda Circle/The Muny. The change means more shade and more weather-resistant terrain! The box offices for the fest will be located near both north and south entrances and open from 10am-10pm both days. *See map below*

Excited to get your eat on? Me too! Check out new and returning restaurants to the Nosh Pit!


Other 2017 updates:
  • There will be a cocktail Party! Head to Tom’s Town Gin, Pearl Vodka, Rebel Yell Whiskey & Kaldi’s Coffee if you’re feeling fancy and fun.
  • Platinum Guest Lounge: Those with platinum tickets will have access to a new Lounge with a private, elevated viewing deck plus access to side-stage viewing platforms at the two main stages, a dedicated entrance, golf cart transportation around the park, and complimentary premium beverage and catering from St. Louis’ Vicia restaurant.


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