This Old Dog puts on an Unforgettable Show

Prior to his headlining set Saturday night at Lollapalooza, Mac DeMarco played Concord Music Hall to a group of DeMarco diehards. If those in the crowd had been at Lolla all day, I never would have guessed it based on their energy. Fueled by Jameson whiskey, DeMarco took the stage at midnight and treated fans to smooth, summery jams and had the crowd roaring with laughter between songs. DeMarco commented on the amount of booty shorts he saw around town despite the colder weather, recounted his memories of playing at The Empty Bottle, and had the crowd screaming as he talked about eating Chicago dogs, beef  sandwiches, and deep dish pizza. DeMarco and the guys played a number of tracks off the newest album, This Old Dog, whose lyrics fans already knew by heart and had no reservations belting out. With every new song during the set, the crowd roared in approval and helped DeMarco out by singing along and snapping to the beat. Throughout the night, DeMarco lost pieces of his clothing. Upon returning from the most supportive crowd surfing experience I have ever witnessed, DeMarco was down to a t-shirt and shorts, and had mysteriously also lost his socks during his adventure out into the crowd. The night was unforgettable to those who were lucky enough to be there. DeMarco’s new material sounded great live, we got a cover of Weezer’s “Undone,” and we were able to enjoy DeMarco’s quirky and chill personality in a small venue. Can’t wait for him to come back to Chicago!

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