The state of Washington always delivers. Our newest Band Spotlight features Exoaura, a female-fronted metal duo comprised of Lindsey Church (vocals, piano, and arrangements) and Adam Ingram (instrumentation, programming, and engineering). While I usually associate snarling vocals and demonic lyrics with metal bands, Exoaura’s vocals are clear, thoughtful, and full of soul. The duo has been playing music together in various bands since 2004, but decided to break out on their own after seeing how like-minded they were. Exoaura just released their debut, self-titled album this past summer and are excited to share their music with fans and new listeners alike!

Church started studying music when she was just 4 years old, and knew it was something she wanted to be a part of it for the rest of her life. Ingram has enjoyed toying with different gear since forming Exoaura. From adding new orchestral instruments, sequencers, and pads to incorporating picking techniques inspired by progressive metal bands, Ingram is constantly looking for new ways to keep their music fresh and captivating.

While the band hasn’t set out on tour yet with Exoaura, they look forward to reconnecting with old fans, meeting new ones, and treating everyone to a live experience that can’t be captured on a recording! With exciting rearrangements planned into the set, the band wants to give fans something special ad unique at their shows. For more on Exoaura, click here.

Fun facts:

  • With a previous band, they once played with a “freak show” on Halloween. During their set, there were people doing “skin hangings,” which is when people hang from hooks piercing their skin—talk about freaky! There were also professional “freaks” hanging from the ceiling from hooks on their back. Swinging around in front of the band, it added an eerie, dark element to the show and made a memorable experience for the band and fans alike!
  • Ingram is a gamer in his free time, and Church is mildly obsessed with The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. It’s okay girl, we are too!


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