What’s not to like about 90’s grunge with punk undertones? Tarah Who?, the brain child of singer and multi-instrumentalist Tarah G. Carpenter, serves up some serious noise despite the fact that the young band only has three members. With Carpenter on vocals and guitar, Matthew Peltcher on bass, and Shaina Mikee Keiths on drums, the trio is known for their in-your-face, high energy live performances.

Each of the band members started their love affair with music at an early age. Peltcher, a bando in high school, reveled in the excitement of playing for the entire school and started playing bass at the age of 15. Carpenter was born and raised in Paris where she had always dreamed of playing drums. Her parents, who were not so keen on that idea, gifted her a classical guitar when she was 12. Carpenter started playing music with friends at 14 and ended up teaching herself how to play drums and bass. As for Keiths, she practically came out of the womb wielding a pair of drumsticks and has since expanded her repertoire to include 13 instruments and all types of percussion.

Tarah Who? has been enjoying meeting fans, seeing the country, and experiencing the shift in culture between locations while on tour. They’ve had their fair of memorable shows which have involved strippers, pieces of clothing being thrown on stage, and profanity being shouted over the PA system after being shocked by a mic. The only things missing from the excitement? Being able to take the time to really take it all in, personal space, and their fur babies.

For more on Tarah Who?, click here.


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