Anna Wise @ Thalia Hall 5/6

A week ago, Thalia Hall brought on stage two amazing performances; opening act Anna Wise and headliner Lewis Del Mar.  As soon as Anna Wise entered the stage and started playing her music, the whole audience became mesmerized by her rhythmic, lucid electronic-pop sound. You might recognize Anna Wise by her collaborative work with Kendrick Lamar in various songs, but she has recently released two EP’s in the past few years titled “The Feminine: Act I” and “The Feminine: Act II”.  The message that channels through her music is a very powerful message about the female role in today’s society.  At times during the show, Anna would point towards the crowd and direct them to sway left and right with their arms up and forward, almost like they are being possessed (in a good way).  The sudden drops in the music kept the crowd surprised and eager for more and it definitely blew me away.

Photos and review by Brian Fuentes

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