BAND SPOTLIGHT: The Fifth Star Band

People either love or hate Uber Pool and Lyft Line. I personally love these options because you get to meet a handful of new people every time you go out. The vast majority of the people I share rides with are interesting and friendly, and one particular ride last month was no exception.

Heading out to The Joy Formidable show, I got in a Lyft Line with two members of The Fifth Star Band, a new Chicago band that fuses rock with jazz. The driver and I got to hear a sample of their music as we made our way through the city, and I was impressed by the uniqueness of their sound and the fresh feel that came with it.

Although The Fifth Star Band is less than a year old, they have already recorded their debut EP, Semi;Undone which is now available on Spotify and iTunes. Having come together so quickly, one would assume that the musicians were well-connected and accustomed to playing together. This, however, couldn’t be farther from the truth. According to singer Jordan Sawyer, most of the band didn’t even know each other before they started recording at Good Life Records. Feeling confident in each musician’s strong background in their particular instrument, their main goal was to come together to create a sound that was greater than the sum of its parts. Armed with diverse talents and a willingness to adapt to each other’s style, The Fifth Star Band created an album with a completely unique sound that is bound to add some pep to your step!

Contrary to many debut albums, Semi; Undone sounds polished, crisp, and well-thought-out. Being masters of their respective instruments, and with a clear vision in mind, the album came together easily. During the recording process, the band made sure that each song added value to the overall experience of the album while still ensuring that each song had a unique sound or structure. The members of The Fifth Star Band soaked up every moment of the recording process and truly enjoyed recording music with friends that they are passionate about.

During their live sets, the band likes to create an authentic, exciting experience for those at their shows. Confident in their skills as musicians, they aren’t hesitant to jump into impromptu solos, improvise certain sections, or jam out from time to time. In celebration of the release of their EP, The Fifth Star Band is playing a show at The Store (on Halsted) on April 15th. During the show, fans can expect to hear the EP in its entirety, a few bar favorites, and a couple new songs the band has been working on. For more details on the release party, scroll down. Until then, check out their music here!

If you want to RSVP (not mandatory), click the image above.

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