While I’m sure most people think of The Office when they hear “Scranton, PA,” Threatpoint is hoping to put it on the map as the home of fast-paced, relentless metal.

About to celebrate their fifth anniversary, the guys of Threatpoint have really perfected their sound in the past few years. With their first album, Dead to Rise, the guys experimented with different sounds and ideas to see what suited them best. Their second album Careful What You Wish For was more aggressive and fast paced, and their most recent album, RIP, combines the best of the first two in one album. As a massive departure from their usual albums, Threatpoint also recorded a bonus acoustic EP featuring 7 songs. Constantly looking to improve and expand their sound, Threatpoint is challenging themselves to create new material to excite the fans as they look toward the future.

During live gigs, Threatpoint’s music tends to incite a bit of a riot. In one of their favorite shows at The Schoolhouse during Annihilation Fest, most pits, stage diving, and frenzied fans don’t hold back as the band tore through their set. Wanting to join their fans in the pit, the band once decided to ditch the stage and head into the crowd during a show in Baltimore. What seemed like a brilliant idea quickly turned into chaos, and all hell broke loose for the band. Singer Chris James was thrown over a wall where he landed on another band’s gear, guitarist Alex Olivetti was punched in the head, and someone fell onto the stage, landing on a pedalboard and sending wires flying everywhere. How much more metal can you get?

For more information on Threatpoint, visit their webpage here.



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