BAND SPOTLIGHT: Demi the Daredevil

Demi the Daredevil is a rock band out of El Paso, Texas that combines dark, psychological-inspired lyrics with upbeat alternative rock. However, their music wasn’t always so convoluted. What started out as fast and heavy rock, morphed into soft doo-wop, then into a classical broadway-esque sound before currently evolving into what the band calls alternative dance rock or art pop.demi-the-daredevil-4

During their live sets, the band loves seeing fans getting involved in the music. Whether they are nodding to the beat or starting a raucous mosh pit like the one at Warped Tour in Las Cruces, the band enjoys seeing fans connect with their work. The guys of Demi the Daredevil are prone to altering their music slightly during live sets. Some sections are made heavier by the guitarist and drummer or the lyrics are switched up if the singer prefers the newly thought out lyrics over the recorded version. During one of their more memorable sets, and drunk guy (or perhaps some local vagabond) jumped onto the stage, took the mic while putting his arm around the singer, and then confessed how glad he was that the band could make it. I don’t think I would forget that either! For the band, something truly unforgettable would be touring with the likes of Awolnation, Twenty-One Pilots, or Panic at the Disco, all of which seem like a good fit to me. To learn more about Demi the Daredevil, click here.

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