Esmé Patterson Shakes Schubas


On the first night of her tour, Esmé Patterson played to a full house at Schubas. Patterson, who had recently chopped her signature curly locks for her video “Francine,” was looking particularly badass in her bright blue bobbed wig.

Patterson flawlessly mixes sweet, light tones, with raspier, biting lyrics and guitar work.  She and her band played a variety of songs from her catalog and even included a new song for fans.  Having recently gone through a bad break up, Patterson wrote the song about how she’s bad at sleeping around, and dedicated it to all the other single ladies in the room.  What I found most refreshing about her music is how honest it is.  There are a lot of topics artists shy away from, but Patterson puts it all out there in a very raw and beautiful way. Can’t wait to see what Esmé does next!

Photos and review by Abby Walter


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