BAND SPOTLIGHT: Xander & The Keys


Xander & The Keys, the four-piece indie rock band out of Bournemouth, UK, has been garnering attention since they first started up about three years ago.  The band, who cites hometown boredom as one of the main reasons they started a band, spent countless hours poring over their record collections as youngsters.  All of this seems to have paid off because they have managed to harness the energy rivaled by some of the greats.  Their music is irresistibly catchy (that guitar, hell yeah!) and has me longing for summertime.

Inspired by watching other local bands play live, Xander & The Keys has started to really push their sound to the limits, creating songs that are not only heavier, but more melodic compared to their original material.  The guys have had fun with their tours.  Not only does it take care of their travel plans, but it allows them to meet people from all walks of life.  The live renditions of their songs sometimes take an improv detour, especially if it’s a crowd favorite.  When it comes to hearing my favorite songs live, less is definitely not more.  I want to live in that song forever and relish every second of it.

All in all, Xander & The Keys sounds like a bunch of cool dudes who definitely know how to put together some rad music.  I’m hoping they come play for us kids across the pond soon, because we would love to promote the hell out of that show.   Click here to go to their webpage and  be sure to check out their music.

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