Black Sabbath, Dio, Rob Zombie, Disturbed, Marilyn Manson, Alice Cooper, Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZTop, Korn, BuckCherry, Shinedown, Dropkick Murphy’s, Alice in Chains, Halestorm, Avenged Sevenfold, Seether, Dope, Fuel, DrowningPool, The Misfits, Collective Soul, Mudvayne, Chevelle, Godsmack, Gin Blossoms, Uncle Kracker, Lamb of God, Slayer, and Motorhead.  What do they all have in common?  Our current Band Spotlight out of Boston, Leaving Eden, has shared the stage with all of them.

If you haven’t heard of Leaving Eden yet, it’s only a matter of time before you do.  Their list of stage-mates speaks volumes not only for their style, but also their musical prowess.  Leaving Eden has been around for well over a decade, which means they have a lot of experience, and a lot of great stories.  Over the years, the band’s evolution has been natural.  Whether they’re drawing on what they’re hearing, seeing around the world, or their personal mindset, the source of their creativity is constantly changing and they continually try to push the envelope with their music.  

Without having to worry about merch, press, tour logistics, and the business end of things, the band can really focus on their music while on tour.  They are free to explore the world as they travel, meet new people and bands, and make the necessary connections to thrust them even farther into the spotlight.  Music, being the universal language, is what brings everyone together in the first place, but taking advantage of those experiences and encounters are crucial to bands, especially when first starting up.  The planet may be big, but the music business is very closely knit, and knowing the right people can often be the most important aspect of the music business.  According to the band…

You can be the best musician in the world, but if you stay in the basement, that’s where you’ll remain.  Our Motto has always been we will play anywhere, anytime, anyhow so long as we can.  This philosophy has led us to where we are today. 

This band has certainly come a long way since forming.  Although the days of touring in a cramped van are behind them, they’re happy to have gone through the tough stages of being a beginning band because it gives them perspective and a deep appreciation for where they are now.

Until they venture though Chicago, keep on rockin, Leaving Eden!  Hopefully Metallica or Megadeath will be phoning you to open for them soon!  For more info on Leaving Eden, check out their webpage.  

Bonus Leftovers:

The band has a guardian angel!  “I was on this outdoor stage and jumping around, and behind me was a blue tarp for the wall.  Not knowing there was nothing behind the tarp, I lost my balance coming down from a jump and went backwards into the tarp.  Now, as strange as it sounds, I should have just fallen through, down several feet where I’d have broken my neck for sure.  As I hit the tarp, something pushed me back into play.  No kidding.  I guess someone was looking out for me.  I felt like it was the head of my security Bob Currier, who had sadly passed away not too long before that.  The last thing he did say to me was that he would always be there.”  Bob, we salute you!


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