“Known for their genre-bending sound, which mixes metal, hip-hop, and spoken word, among others.  The four-piece is revered for their live theatrical performances, consistently captivating audiences on tours across North America.”  — Van City Buzz

With the goal of being considered one of the most amazing live bands in Canada, the Lucid boys set out to make unforgettable, unique performances for fans.  Lead singer, Nat Jack, of  Vancouver’s genre defying Lucid AfterLife was recently kind enough to grant us an interview, and gave us some insight into the band’s history and successes.

The guys of Lucid AfterLife have been rocking together for the past four years, but Nat Jack feels like they must have known each other in another lifetime since their collaboration is so effortless.  He states that, “I am pretty sure we were Vikings or pirates together in a past life.”  Automatically, my interest is piqued!

The band’s debut EP was released in 2013, and they have since taken off, moving from local pubs to headlining their own theatre events.  Because their music pulls from so many styles of music, their openers range from rock to hip-hop acts.  The band is clearly very open to the influences of different genres, but Jack confesses that Thom Turner’s incorporation into the band has really expedited their evolution.  Turner continually provides the band with innovative demos that really challenge Jack to continue to perfect his craft as a lyricist.  I get the feeling that this band will never settle on a certain style.  Like an amoeba, the band continually adapts to the changing musical environment and enjoys incorporating new influences.

Not only does Lucid AfterLife put on amazing shows, but they also enjoy getting to know the fans and discussing music and life with them.  For the band, one of the hardest parts about touring is actually having to quickly leave all of the incredible people they meet on the road.  It’s always refreshing to find others who love their life and doing what they do.  Despite the fact that starting up a new band requires a lot of sacrifices and trial and error, the Lucid boys are enjoying the ride and making the most out of every single moment.  Hopefully they’ll make their way south of the border so Chicago can experience a Lucid AfterLife show!

Fun extras:

1.   What made you want to become a musician?

When I was but a wee lad I would write rap songs and freestyle at school, I realized the girls loved it so I became a rapper. My parents are from the East Side of Vancouver so I grew up around awesome rock parties where everyone was wild and having fun, I think my love for rock is an echo of the love for my crazy cool parents.  

Kudos to all the cool parents out there who give their children a solid foundation in music appreciation!


2.  What’s the best gig you every played?

420 rally in Vancouver for sure.  There were 20,000 people at the event, and above the stage the weed smoke blocked out the sun.  I will never forget stage front there was one kid in a full blown hot dog suit going ape crazy.  I love Vancouver!


3.  What do you guys like to do during your time off?

Explore!  Find out what the people we are playing for love about their town.  We also search out antiques/old book stores.


Thanks for the interview, Nat.  Best of luck to you all, and we hope to see you soon!




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