Just like us, the Philly rockers of Audio Impulse believe that music can heal just about anything.  Viewing their own shows as a cathartic experience for everyone involved, the band lets it all out when playing live.  The band has greatly enjoyed touring, meeting the fans, and experiencing different cultures (especially through their food), but they also touched on how hard it can be to be away from family and friends for an extended period of time. Social media and smartphones have helped them keep in touch with loved ones from home, and just knowing they have such a great support system, even if not geographically close at all times, has given them the drive to continue doing what they’re doing.  One of the things that originally got them interested in being musicians was connecting with the music of other musicians.  Whether it be one particular lyric or an entire body of work, it’s pretty spectacular how the same piece can resonate with vastly different personalities.  With the desire to connect with fans from all walks of life, they decided to become musicians.

At this point, the band has been together for about four years, and they are about to head back into the studio to record their third album.  Their first two releases, Plug In & Tune Out and Straight Shot, have a sense of continuity in terms of the style, but the band is looking to make a departure in terms of sound and writing style for their third album.  To check out Audio Impulse and to keep up with new album updates, check out their webpage here.


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